Warranty Services

We're proud of our reputation for consistently building homes that exhibit exceptional quality in workmanship and materials. Our four step customer service and warranty program provides you with extra protection and peace of mind. While our warranty and customer service program outlines follow-up at specified times, we encourage you to contact us at any time if you have a concern about your Pacific Ridge Home. Our round the clock emergency warranty service is available for situations that require immediate attention.

You can log in with your home address in the box below. This will allow you to fill out a Warranty Service Request Form online at any time. If you need additional assistance or have questions, please contact the office during normal business hours Monday - Friday at 425-438-8444.

During evenings, weekends or holidays please refer to the emergency number listed in your Maintenance Manual. Emergency situations typically relate to plumbing, electrical or heating systems, and involve a serious issue such as a major water leak, or lack of power or heat.

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